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28710 Canwood St. Ste. 105-107, Agoura Hills CA 91301

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28710 Canwood St. Ste. 105-107, Agoura Hills CA 91301

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28710 Canwood St. Ste. 105-107, Agoura Hills CA 91301



As we’re sure you feel too, I am eagerly anticipating more updates from California, and LA County about when we will be able to open our doors in June. With Governor Gavin Newsom’s recent announcements yesterday that California is moving into Phase 3 and that the State is currently drafting its reopening guidelines for gyms, we are optimistic for good news to come soon!

As you witnessed yesterday. I am already well under way on implementing Precision's reopening plan. Yesterday, I shared with you the gym's layout design, sanitation procedures, and class registration expectations. Today, I want to provide detailed info on our new check in policy. I want to explain how to download and use your Mindbody app, suggest what should be placed in your gym bags on the daily, and explain to you what your class experience will flow once we reopen. First, I want to start with how to download and use Mindbody.


1) Download Mindbody App (IOS or Android only)  *Don't download check-in app or business app.

2) Create a profile using the same email address you have on file at Precision

3) Search for 'Precision Crossfit' and set as a favorite

4) To book a class click 'Precision Crossfit' and the daily class schedule will show

5) Click 'Book' and if you have a membership you will click 'Book' again and you are set but if you don't have a membership you will be asked for payment.

See the pics below for what the app looks like:

Mindbody iPhone Examole

Mindbody iPhone Examole

MIndbody Android Example

MIndbody Android Example

Second, I want to talk about what we suggest you place in your gym bag on the daily. For the time being we will be eliminatimg cubby access. If you have things in the cubbies you will be allowed to empty them leading up to our reopening date. In addition, we will be eleminating our community chalk buckets as well, and exchanging them with individual blocks of chalk in plastic bags. Lets now discuss what we recommend be found in your gym bags.


1) Your workout shoes

2) Your lifting shoes (If you have them)

3) Your knee sleeves (If you have them)

4) Your wrist wraps (If you have them)

5) A clean towel

6) Your gym chalk (We will provide your first block FREE of charge)

7) A clean shirt to change into

8) A mask to wear to and from the gym

9) Hand sanitizer (We also have some at every single traffic area in the gym)

10) A jump rope 

11) Tape

12) Water Bottle filled with water

13) Protein powder (If you take some after class)

14) Anything else you think you will need to workout

Third, let's now discuss what you can expect from your training experience at Precision from beginning to end. In an effort to reduce all of you congregating for too long. We will be asking everything be done in your workout space. This is why your gym bag will need everything in it. Moreover, every station will have a bucket that contains a spray bottle filled with disinfectant and disposable towels. Here is a general outline on what you can expect.


1) Enter the gym and proceed to station of choice

2) Place gym bag down in your station and begin to prepare yourself for class. At this time you may sanitize further and set up your equipment if you would like.

3) Class warm up and mobility will be done in your station lead by a coach

4) Skill, Lift, and Wod will also be performed within your station with everything you need at your finger tips

5) Once you complete class. You will be able to wipe down all equipment with the contents found in the bucket. In addition, we ask that your spray down your workout station with the spray bottle or mop up after yourself.

6) Trash cans and hand sanitizer will be found at every entry and exit point including bathrooms

7) Once you are done with class. Please follow the arrows out the exit door. If you need anything from the front desk please let us know and we will provide it for you.

Precision, I know this is a lot to take in. I also know that some of you don't like the changes being made. Heck I hate the changes too. I would much rather things go back to normal. However, our old normal is now in the past and these are the necessary changes that I need to make to give you all back your gym. I have never been a trend follower. I have always been a trend setter. Precision is a well reveared gym looked up to by many. It is my duty and obligation to have a very thurough plan to reopen our doors so that we never have to close them again. Do I think these changes are permenent... no. However, I think they are necessary under the current conditions. In time, as things change so will our procedures. Obviously, some things will stick that we like and things we dislike will be thrown out. One thing I can assure you. We will continue provide an awesome training experience for you all. The energy will be high, the music will be loud, and positive energy will be flowing. Thank you for being a part of the future of Precision. We got this Wall of Blue!

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5 Sets

20 Hollow Rocks

20 V-Ups  20 Sec. Hollow Hold

*Rest 1 Min.


Tempo Push Ups

5 x 10

*Pause 3 Sec. at the top and bottom.

**Add weight accordingly



For Time:

50 Walking Lunges

50 Burpees