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GAMES RE-CAP / “WPG 1B” WOD 8/6/19


“We win together and we lose together. Heading home early from an amazing experience at the 2019 CrossFit Games. Although, we expected to accomplish more this week things didn’t go as planned. That’s ok. As I said to Hunter before I left. You learn more from losing then winning. We’re both guys that like to win and we have have been privileged to win a lot. However, winning is always expected. I mean that’s the point of competing… to win, right? I have always found winning to be bittersweet. It feels good briefly but the feeling goes away quickly. Because it’s supposed to be the outcome. That’s the point. However, losing always hurts and stays with me longer. That’s because I hate losing more then I love winning. But losing forces me to look at why? And the “why” always pushes me to be better. So I respect and look at losing as a way to be better always. We got better this week. I can’t wait to attack the “why” and take on 2020.”

I wrote this on my Instagram the day after Hunter and I were eliminated from the CrossFit Games. I believe whole heartedly in what I said. To elaborate further. The CrossFit Games is an ever evolving structure where you are at the mercy of Dave Castro. Whatever workout or elimination procedure he decides you have to go with. You have no choice in the matter. Since, all you have to go with for training is previous CrossFit Games. You could of in no way prepared properly for this season’s changes. That being said. We made mistakes on that floor so our elimination is on us. However, in the previous structure we would have been able to battle back. So it is what it is. I’ll say this from a fan’s perspective the Games were epic. The energy was electric, and the stands were packed! I also really loved Rogue’s media coverage.

Precision I’m really looking forward to getting back to coaching you all. What you saw this weekend isn’t what CrossFit truly is. It is outlier’s putting their fitness to the test through a sport created by CrossFit, sponsors, and various other influencers. What we do day to day at Precision is true CrossFit. Teaching you all how to live healthier lifestyles to better yourselves. Creating a positive support network. Giving families a place to go and feel comfortable is CrossFit. I love the sport. It’s been good to me. However, it will never hold a candle to seeing you all grow as people each day. That’s a beutiful site to see.

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50 Double Unders

10 Bumper Jacks 2″ + 4″

2 Rounds

10 Lunge w/ Pass Through

10 Good Mornings

10 Front Squat

5 Inch Worms + Scorpions





3 Sets

8 DB Reverse Fly’s

8 Banded Lat Pull Down

8 BB Roll Outs


Front Squat

1 @ 65%

1 @ 70%

1 @ 75%

2 x 3 @ 80%


“WPG 1B”

For Time:

55 Cal. Row

55 Pull Ups

55 Thrusters (75/55) (65/45)

55 H.R. Push Ups

55 Double Unders



3 Sets

8 DB Reverse Fly’s

8 Banded Lat Pull Down

8 BB Roll Outs


Front Squat

4 x 8 @ 55%


5 Rounds

15/12 Cal. Row

10 Ring Rows

10 Wall Ball (20/14)

10 H.R. Push Ups

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