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It was a great weekend of lifting for Rocio Ramirez and Hannah Hall. Rocio went 5 for 6 and set a new all time Clean & Jerk PR at 86K (189 lbs). I really feel like she had more in the tank. Her training has been so good lately and I feel she’s ready for some really big numbers. Hannah, in her first meet ever went 4 for 6. She hit a 76K (167 lb) Snatch and an official 95K (209 lb) Clean & Jerk. She went for Gold with a 100K (220 lb.) Clean & Jerk however got called for a press out. She made the lift easy though. In her first meet she qualified for the AO Series, University Nationals, and came within 9K of qualifying for the American Open Championships. I’m sure that will happen soon. A silver medal was earned for them both. I couldn’t be more proud of these two!


BB Jumping Squats

4 x 8

*Empty Bar


Front Squat

3 @ 70%

2 @ 80%

2 x 1 @ 90%

Landmine Press

4 x 6e

Pair With:

Landmine Row w/ Rope or Band

4 x 6


3 Sets

10 Banded Tricep Extension

5 Strict C2B Pull Ups

8 DB Strict Press



ODD: 1 Min. Plank

EVEN: 20 Weighted V-Ups

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